One Village A Thousand Voices

Inspiring Youth to Write Their Own Stories and Choose Their Best Future

The Equal Access radio drama One Village, A Thousand Voices (Yak Qarya Wa Hazar Sada), inspires young Afghans by engaging them in the decision-making process. Featuring a groundbreaking interactive format, the drama provides scenes and characters from Afghan culture that encourage audiences to relate to everyday challenges in their own lives. With storylines that depict challenges in achieving social justice; choices on how to deal with conflict in peaceful ways; and educational alerts on the dangers of human trafficking, loyal youth listeners play an active role in determining how characters overcome these obstacles. Equal Access partners with Radio Azadi to broadcast One Village a Thousand Voices to a national audience.


One Village…maintains a wide national reach, with an estimated 1.67 - 3.25 million Afghans who report it as “important” as of the 2014 Gallup poll.