Women in Government

Advancing and Increasing Women’s Role in Afghan Governance

The Women in Government (WIG) project contributes to the empowerment of Afghan women and the well-being of their country. By creating an empowered critical mass of women in government, women’s interests will be better represented and a positive shift in the Afghan decision-making process is enabled. The project is focused on advancing three objectives:

  • Facilitating women’s entry into decision-making roles in government service
  • Encouraging a hospitable environment for female staff in government
  • Increasing local stakeholder support for women in government
  • Equal Access is leading the community outreach and communications activities for the project, and is partnering with Chemonics to design and implement a comprehensive outreach and communications strategy for WIG. This includes setting up a government intern recruitment campaign for women and launching a Champion Strategy focused on reaching key Afghan influencers, including religious leaders.

    Equal Access is also adapting its successful Listening Discussion Group methodology to build community support, an approach that has been used effectively with women in Afghanistan since 2007. In addition, a select group of women government employees will be trained in facilitation and group mobilization skills in order to mentor other women working in government. In this way, Afghan women in government will benefit from a women’s network that provides peer support, mentoring, and safe spaces to discuss relevant issues and solutions, including how to deal with harassment from male colleagues and successful approaches to managing home life commitments while working full time.