Change Starts at Home

Addressing Violence Against Women

Building on the success of our previous work in Nepal empowering women and engaging their partners to prevent intimate partner violence, EA is deepening and expanding our investment in Nepali women and girls. We recently launched Change Starts at Home to test our theory of change with rigorous academic research and an independent impact assessment1.

In Nepal, 31.5% of women report emotional, physical, or sexual violence by an intimate partner (IPV2) in their lifetime. Despite evidence suggesting that patriarchal social norms underpin IPV, very few interventions in Nepal have tested whether changing social norms to promote gender equity reduces levels of intimate partner violence. Change Starts at Home is designed to test this theory of change.

Through an innovative radio series, ongoing mobile engagement initiatives through Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and diverse community mobilization activities, Change… is designed to prevent violence against Nepali women and girls by addressing social norms, attitudes, and behaviors that perpetuate women’s and girl’s low status. Our evaluation utilizes a two-pronged Randomized Control Trial enabling in-depth examination of potential pathways of change. It also examines the extent to which characteristics of a woman’s family and in-laws (including attitudes toward IPV, forced child marriage, reproductive coercion, and decision-making practices) exacerbate women’s and girls’ direct experience of intimate partner violence. Change… targets married couples, family members and community leaders, across eight districts in Nepal, including those severely impacted by the recent earthquake.