Voices for Peace
Voices for Peace

Amplifying local voices of peace and tolerance to counter violent extremism in West Africa

The Voices for Peace (V4P) project is a regional communication and media strengthening effort that is leveraging both traditional and new media to counter violent extremism (CVE) and promote democracy, human rights and governance. Lasting from September 2016-September 2021, this five-year USAID-funded project builds on Equal Access ’ eight successful years of CVE media production and broadcast as a consortium partner on the USAID Peace through Development projects (PDev I & PDev II). The V4P project supports a culturally-resonant communications environment of indigenous CVE narratives by building the capacity of locally influential voices, establishing interactive media platforms, and engaging at-risk youth, women, and communities with quality, credible CVE content. The project is bolstered by a strong and ongoing learning and adapting component, in which evaluating which platforms, partnerships, and narratives are most effective in CVE efforts, and adapting new approaches based on that learning, will be fundamental to iterative project design. The project will initially target Burkina Faso, Chad and Niger, with a planned expansion to Cameroon in December of 2017. Additionally, Voices for Peace has built-in flexibility to modify its geographic targets, messaging and scope in order to adapt and respond to changing violent extremist narratives and fluid security situations.

Project Objectives

The Voices for Peace project will amplify moderate voices of peace and tolerance in West Africa by:

  • Strengthening positive local narratives;
  • Expanding access to information;
  • Increasing dialogue and exchange on themes of CVE, good governance, and peace; and
  • Learning and adapting continuously.