Our Approach

The Equal Access Methodology drives systemic social change by combining interactive media programming with direct community mobilization activities. This approach creates a generative feedback loop – an essential and fully integrated component of all of our programs.

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Civic Engagement
and Peacebuilding

Equal Access’ programs elevate previously unheard voices and develop more informed and engaged citizens with the capacity to address

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Agricultural and Economic Development

Agricultural and
Economic Development

Our informative media and outreach programs provide access to industry experts, best practices, and market information through radio shows,

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Global Health

Public Health

By designing effective behavior change programs and providing links to services, we support individuals and communities

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Arewa 24


AREWA24 is the first and only 24/7 free-to-air Hausa-language entertainment and lifestyle satellite television channel created by and for the Hausa speaking community. Produced out of Kano, Nigeria, AREWA24 is currently broadcasting 13 original shows across popular entertainment and lifestyle genres — all in Hausa. AREWA24’s mission is to showcase the beauty, promise, diversity and potential of Hausa speaking communities across our footprint of Nigeria and in the neighboring countries and to unite Hausa speakers everywhere under the AREWA24 umbrella.

Arewa woman
Garnering Rave Reviews and Millions of Loyal Fans

Success by the Numbers

Satellite broadcast reach to 80 million Hausa speakers

13 high quality, Hausa-language original program series

600 hours of production and 2,400+ broadcast hours of original content

58% of northern Nigerians said they watch AREWA24 regularly (InQua survey, 2015)

240,892+ Likes on the AREWA24 Facebook page and 3 million views on the AREWA24 YouTube page from fans worldwide

AREWA24’s soap opera Dadin Kowa won the 2016 Africa Magic award for Best Indigenous Language TV Series

Voices from the Field

Peace through Development II (PDevII)

“When the angry mob arrived at the politician’s house we intercepted them and started calling for forgiveness. ”

Ibrahim Touré, Grassroots Community Leader, town of Ouahigouya, Burkina Faso

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“Watching AREWA24 has really changed my perspective as a result of the peaceful interaction and understanding… ”

Warren Holden, Editor, Screen Africa, Nigeria

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Journalists Exchange

“When I was coming to Lahore, Pakistan, I thought we would have a tough time, as the Punjab side thinks very negatively… ”

Ms. Wahida, Watandar Radio, Afghanistan

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Sesame Street Workshop

“From the time my daughter and I started listening to Baghch-e-Simsim radio episodes in listening circle sessions… ”

Anonymous Listener, Afghanistan

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Senior Management Team

Ronni Goldfarb
Ronni Goldfarb

and CEO

David Wood
David Wood

Vice President

Jennifer Koliba
Jennifer Koliba

Vice President
Finance and Operations

John Guzman
John Guzman

Finance and Accounting

Graham Couturier
Graham Couturier

Africa Programs

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We Thank You!

On behalf of the communities we serve and the Equal Access International worldwide team, we express our sincere gratitude to the institutions and individuals whose trust and generous support make our work possible.

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